BA (UNSW), MA (USyd), Dip Ed (USyd)


迈克尔Maniska has been a passionate bilingual educator for over 25 years. 我坚信双语能力和跨文化能力是21世纪学生的关键能力st 世纪, Michael has been 校长 at the International School of Los Angeles since October 2014. Prior to this, he headed two bilingual schools in Australia. Michael is an alumnus of the University of Sydney, where he originally trained as a teacher of French and English as a second language. 他拥有法语硕士学位,是一位敏锐的语言学家(英语和法语双语,精通希腊语和意大利语)。, and an enthusiastic citizen of the world. When he is not busy overseeing our complex school, Michael is an avid commercial aviation buff who enjoys plane spotting.

In 2018, 迈克尔被选为哥伦比亚大学备受推崇的克林根斯坦校长奖学金的成员. For his services to French language and culture, Michael was awarded the distinction of Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the French Ministry of Education.


BA, MA (Oxon), MA (USur), PGCE (Inst Ed)


Having completed a master’s degree in French and German at Somerville College, 牛津大学, followed by a PGCE at the Institute of Education, Anneli哈维 taught for 13 years in inner 伦敦 and began writing textbooks in French and German. She ran a large department in an inner 伦敦 school which earned a grant to become a ‘Language College.安内利是语言教学和研究信息中心的定期主持人,并参与了英国资格和课程管理局以及多个地方当局的工作, consulting on best practice in language teaching.

In 2000, Anneli, who has over 30 publications to her name, left the classroom to focus specifically on writing and consultancy. She and her family moved to Los Angeles in 2008. After serving on the School’s 校董会 for several years, she took up her current role as 伯班克校区主任 in 2013.

Anneli holds a second master’s in 20th 他目前正在哈佛大学教育研究生院攻读高级教育领导力证书.


Licence géographie, science de l’éducation (Paris I), CAPE (Versailles)

中学校长 & Representative for French Affairs

十多年来, 马修Mondange has played a central role on the School’s faculty/staff team. His experience as an educator both in 法国 and in the US, combined with his classroom and management roles across the School’s four LA-area 校园, has made him invaluable when it comes to understanding the needs of our diverse community.

A graduate of the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne, Mathieu在2008年来到洛杉矶之前,在法国教了三年的国际学生项目. He began his journey with the School as an elementary teacher at our West Valley campus from 2008-2013. Shortly thereafter, he joined the School’s first team of Academic Coordinators. 在这个位置, he served the Pasadena campus from 2014-2015 before moving to the Los Feliz campus from 2015-2016. During this time, Mathieu also took on the role of WASC Coordinator. In time for the 2016-2017 school year, he arrived at the Burbank campus as Assistant Campus Director. Continuing his growth with the School, Mathieu stepped into his current role of 中学校长 & Representative for French Affairs in summer 2018.

Nordine Bouriche

Lic Sc Eco Soc, CAPE, CAPA-SH (Lille)


Nordine Bouriche 他来自里尔, 法国, where he studied economics and econometrics at University of Sciences of Lille 1. From a very young age, Nordine wanted to be an elementary teacher. After completing his bachelor’s degree, 1998年获得法国教育部颁发的小学教师资格证书. To complement his teaching credential, Nordine completed further training and now holds a qualification in special needs education.

In 2006, Nordine arrived in Los Angeles and began working at the School’s Pasadena campus. There he taught a multilevel class of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students before becoming the Los Feliz Assistant Campus Director in 2010.

Nordine has served as the 洛斯费利斯校区主任 since 2013. 最近, he oversaw the opening of the Early Learning Center, an annex to the Los Feliz campus that welcomes 90 preschool and Pre-K students.

In his spare time, Nordine likes to play badminton and stay abreast of new developments in education. He is also passionate about mathematics and geopolitics.


M. Ed Educational Leadership (UNO), CAPE (Besançon), CAPA-SH (Besançon)


A native of Gevrey-Chambertin, 法国, Benoît在物流和运输工作了几年之后,于2006年成为一名特殊教育教育工作者. In 2010, 他搬到了新奥尔良, Louisiana where he taught 2nd grade and 4th grade in a Public French Immersion Program. 同时, he completed his Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership at the University of New Orleans. 他于2019年加入新奥尔良双语学校,担任中小学学术主任.

Benoît joined LILA in August 2022 as the 帕萨迪纳校区主任. He is happy to continue organizing the 每年一次的为期三天的约书亚树露营之旅,帕萨迪纳校园社区已经享受了十多年.


Maîtrise sciences de l’éducation (Montpellier III), CRPE (Versailles), CAPSAIS (Lille)


Hailing from Lille, 法国, 索尼娅Gmar knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an elementary teacher. First pursuing her professional handball career, 索尼娅搬到了蒙彼利埃, where she ultimately earned her master’s in education. 在回到家乡完成特殊需求教育认证之前,索尼娅在凡尔赛获得了CRPE证书. She then spent several years working at schools for physically and developmentally challenged students, through which she cemented her wellbeing-centered approach.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2007, Sonia began working at the School’s Pasadena campus, 她任教的第一所学校, 4th, 和五年级的班级. 之后,她在洛斯费利斯和帕萨迪纳担任了三年的教学协调员 conseillere pedagogique. During her time working across the School’s four elementary 校园, Sonia implemented the Cahier de réussite and bilingual math curriculum. One of her most cherished undertakings has been the organization of the 5th grade trip to 法国, which she skillfully managed for four years.

Sonia took on her current role of 西谷校区主任 in July 2020.


MèsL (Metz), DEA (Nancy II), CAPE (Metz)

Elementary Academic Director

他是法国梅斯人, 菲利普Detzen completed his professional training as an educator at the 高等 在许多为身体和发展有困难的学生(我)工作的学校工作期间,获得了丰富多样的经验.e. burn victims, sight-impaired, special needs) as well as a school for future teachers.

With a master’s in French as well as a master’s in cinema and literature from the University of Nancy, Philippe exercised his creative vision and talents by directing short movies and documentaries. After a happy twist of fate brought him to teach at the Lycée Français de Los Angeles in 1989, he met renowned expressionist artist and painter Arnold Shifrin, 正是这次邂逅/友谊激发了菲利普以一种激情和能量开始绘画,这种激情和能量一直延续到现在.

Joining the School’s teaching team in 1999, 菲利普随后于2003年被任命为蒙罗维亚校区的校园主任,然后于2006年被任命为帕萨迪纳校区的校园主任, 在那里,他领导着一个繁荣的社区,享受着一项特殊的社区建设足球外围最靠谱的网站,即每年为期三天的约书亚树露营之旅.

After ending his tenure as 帕萨迪纳校区主任, Philippe has continued on at LILA serving as the Elementary Academic Director. 在这个角色中, 他负责监督并确保学校四个小学校区的学术课程的协调.


BS (UOre)


约翰弗莱克 holds degrees in both marketing and finance from the University of Oregon. He moved to Los Angeles in 1986 where he started his finance career in the entertainment industry.

John has been part of our school community since 1997, when the older of his two daughters started preschool at the Los Feliz campus. In 1998, he attended his first PA meeting and was quickly elected President. After establishing a strong parent volunteer community, John was invited to join the School’s 校董会 in 2001; he served as Treasurer until 2010. John has held the role of 首席财务官 since 2003.

In 2015, 约翰获得了《足球外围最靠谱的平台》颁发的年度首席财务官奖,以表彰他在学校首次校园收购中的工作. This two-year project required a combination of financial, 政治, 以及计划技巧, and through sound budgeting practices, 约翰能够领导将购买的财产从一个五英亩的通用汽车工厂改造成一个可用的初中和高中校园. 该项目不仅按时交付,而且在伯班克2013-2014学年开始的预算范围内.


Ba (usc), cfre


莱斯利·加勒恩,97年 是LILA校友,在传播和公共关系领域有超过20年的经验. Having worked at top PR agencies as well as in-house, she has leveraged these skills to take on 年度基金 and alumni relations for LILA since 2017. She spent that time building community while promoting understanding of, 越来越多的人支持, 年度基金. In 2021, she took on the role of 发展总监, 负责开发, marketing and communications, 事件, 志愿者管理.




BA (ULond), MA (UBirm), MEd (OpenU)

Director of 招生 and Diversity

朱丽叶·兰格 2009年加入学院, bringing with her 25 years of teaching experience and a passion for bilingual education and linguistics. After serving as 招生 Coordinator for the Los Feliz campus for several years, Juliette took on the role of school-wide 招生 Director in 2013.

成长的过程中, she attended the Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the Lycée Français de Stockholm. Juliette is also a parent at the School; three of her four children have studied here. Having been both a student and a parent at a multitude of French and international schools, Juliette understands firsthand the unique experience that the School offers to its students.


Stephane Tixier

MA (ESIEE-IT Paris), CESA (HEC Paris)


他是法国巴黎人, Stephane Tixier has more than 25 years of experience in IT Infrastructure and Services working for international companies. In 2015, during his tenure as the director of IT Operations at Hewlett-Packard, 他和他的家人搬到了洛杉矶,在那里他很快就参与到学校社区中,于2016年担任洛斯费利斯PA财务主管.

In 2017, Stéphane took over LILA’s 它主管 role. Since joining, he and his team have spearheaded important initiatives in the life of the School. 即, 2020年3月, 他们在开发完全远程学习模式方面发挥了重要作用,使学院能够在一个周末的时间内转向电子学习. To ensure the success of LILA’s e-learning program, the team offered support to teachers, students and parents for the duration of the year-long school closures. 在他的领导下, LILA的技术已经通过开发和实施1:1 chromebook 2人计划等举措进行了改造nd to 9th 成绩, the use of Google Classroom throughout the School, as well as the digital interactive whiteboard.

Stéphane拥有esee - it Paris的计算机科学硕士学位(Diplôme d 'Ingénieur)以及HEC Paris的管理高级证书(CESA).


COO, BSc(Hons), MSc (Eng), MSc (Law), CEng

莫特Haidarbaghi在2007年从伦敦搬到洛杉矶后,第一次以父母的身份加入LILA社区, UK, with a commitment to continue with the French bilingual education of his four children, three of whom graduated from LILA. 

Mort started his career as a chartered structural engineer in the UK. He then moved into business operations and management, 合同法, 质量管理体系,  and project and risk management.

Mort has a Master’s in structural engineering from the City University, 伦敦 and a Master’s in Law from King’s College, 伦敦. 

Mort在公司运营管理方面积累了超过25年的丰富经验,并领导了全球范围内重大的多学科建设项目的交付,如BBC媒体村开发项目,包括BBC的新广播中心. Mort还设计并领导了伦敦ExCel展览中心开发项目的交付,该项目在COVID期间变成了英国政府的NHS南丁格尔医院.

2012年,他作为LILA的独立管理顾问,成功交付了伯班克校区的建设,并为学校提供管理咨询服务. He then formally joined LILA in 2014 as the Chief Operating Officer of the school.